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It has commenced. Finals week is upon us in full force, seizing what sanity I have left after a menacing term. The thought of a pure, utopian society has faded while has captured the last breath of any rational existence and conquered our self-worth. The possibility of survival seems like a distant notion. God help us all.
Yet fear not. For although the next few days of studying or lack thereof can easily determine whether you hold on to your precious A, these finals will have no real outcome on the rest of your life. One test will not determine: your career once you graduate, who your real friends are, whether or not you ever find that one special person who will make the outcome of this next week seem so insignificant. One test will not determine your happiness.
So buckle down, get that A, make your parents happy, but don't ever forget that 30% of your grade isn't worth a fraction of your life.
Good luck and Godspeed.
Submitted By: tmartin4
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