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Category: Finals
Message: 'Twas the night before exams and all through the dorm
Everyone was studying (and not looking at p0rn)
Their clothes for the next day draped over their chairs
Not necesarily clean (but who the f**k cares?)
Those ill-prepared were giving up the fight
Due to the fact it was starting to get light
The 11th hour slowly drew near...
"Let's get it over with so we can all go get beer!!!"
Submitted By: the_rino2k2


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How many toes does a fish have how many wings on a cow i wonderyup i wonder!
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Submitted by: ull have to guess!
What is you are riding in your car in florida and a cloud that is shaped like a horse goes by? You get a craving for french fries! But you cant have any french fries because your not in france. where french fries even invented in france?
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Submitted by: AnGeLfAcE9438821

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