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Category: Annoying
Message: Hello all. How are you? I'm obviously not here, but don't worry! Don't be sad - never fret! I'll be back. Maybe in a minute, maybe in two. I'm just taking a short break from this computer for what ever reason. So maybe while I'm gone, you should eat some cheese. Did you know cheese is good for you? Take French for example....the Bri kind....yummy yummy. well anyway. I am going to be back soon. very soon. and by the time your done reading this, ILL BE BACK! so hang tight...or hang ten? I'll be back! which may or may not be a good thing ;)
Submitted By: hem4170


Thanksgiving Away Messages

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It's Thanksgiving, do you see me IM'ing you!?
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~Thanksgiving~ [sung to are you sleeping]
Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving how are you, how are you
I want a feast sir with ham and cheese sir
mmm mmm mmm, mmm mmm mmm!
Please no turkey
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Submitted by: Sugrfrk88

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