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Category: Laundry
Message: I'm doing something dirty and I'll be at it all day... one hour at a time. I'll start in the bedroom and work my way all thru the house and back again. I'll do it again and again. Go in cold come out hot, makin the whole house rock in between. It's sometimes sweaty and long but it's worth it when its all over...I'm doing laundry, bbl
Submitted By: rebelhick82


Halloween Away Messages

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AHHHHHHHH!!! Oh my Gosh!!! EKKK! Going to a haunted house. leave a message and I will get back to you
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Submitted by: StarCabdy110
Ring around the roses, Priests and boys and Village people, Halloween is a gay ole time, What are you going be this year.
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Submitted by: sophie

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