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Category: Poem
Message: 10 things I hate about you.. 1.I hate it when your mad at me. 2.I hate the way you look at me. 3.I hate the way you care for me. 4.I hate the way you love me. 5.I hate the way hold me. 6.I hate the way you laugh with me. 7.I hate the way you talk to me. 8.I hate the way you say forever. 9.I hate the way you stay with me. 10.But most of all I hate it wishing you were there.
Submitted By: Mini One13


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Do you know what hershey's chocolate really is? well, it's poop from someone's butt!
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Submitted by: pinkladyjanerose
I'm out... just like a piece of poo that comes out of my crack... eww
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Submitted by: liltessier24

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